Adaptive Framework 0.9.0


The following is a list of functions in the category object

add_propertiesAdd the properties of one object to another replacing existing properties by the same name.
apply_object_optionsThis will return an object with the specified object options applied.
local_object_meta_set_idsThis is used to set the ids in a local mutable object. The ids are used to construct a local path.
objectConverts value to data type object returning object result.
property_deleteDelete a property in an object.
property_delete_by_referenceDelete a property from an object by reference.
property_existsReturn true if the named property exists in an object.
property_getReturn the value of a property of an object. If property is not available, return a default or null value.
property_is_not_nullReturn true if the named property exists in an object and is not null.