Adaptive Framework 0.9.0


The Adaptive Framework Core contains a lot of useful interfaces, functions and data types out of the box, by default. However, the built-in core cannot include everything and cannot anticipate what technologies are developed or gain popularity. Therefore, it's useful to extend the Core to include additional features, via the use of Extensions.

An Adaptive Framework Extension is a shared library, which, when loaded by the Core, may register interface implementations, such as additional data types, functions, adaptors, content types or request handlers. These allow for other technologies to be integrated in a way that they can seem like a part of the core, as first-class citizens.

Extensions included with the framework:

afw_componentsLayout Components
afw_ldapLightweight Directory Access Protocol
afw_lmdbLightning Memory-Mapped Database
afw_ubjsonUniversal Binary JSON
afw_vfsVirtual File System
afw_yamlYAML Ain't Markup Language