Adaptive Framework 0.9.0

Qualified Variables

Adaptive Script allows you to declare local and const variables, using the let and const keywords.

Some variables are declared outside of the execution a script, expression or template. These variables are read-only and are provided by Adaptive Framework, often to share contextual information that may be useful for developer when trying to rendering a decision. For example, Adaptive Models often evaluate adaptive scripts in order to transform objects and properties. In order to do so, the script, may need to obtain access to the properties or values that they are in the process of transforming. These special, read-only variables are called Qualified Variables.

Qualified Variables take the form qualifier::identifier. The qualifier part of the variable is derived from the context in which the variable is provided. For instance, current::mappedObjectTypeId is a Qualified Variable that is provided by the Adaptive Models when processing an object that is being mapped to another object.