Adaptive Framework 0.9.0


The following is a list of properties for the object type _AdaptiveManifest_:

collectionURIs[ "/afw/_AdaptiveCollection_/core" ]
descriptionAdaptive Framework extension manifest.
propertyTypes{ "brief": { "allowQuery": true, "brief": "Brief description for this extension", "dataType": "string", "description": "Brief description for this extension.", "label": "Brief" }, "description": { "allowQuery": true, "brief": "Description for this extension in more detail", "dataType": "string", "dataTypeParameter": "text/plain", "description": "Description for this extension in more detail.", "label": "Description" }, "extensionId": { "allowQuery": true, "brief": "Extension id", "dataType": "string", "description": "Extension id.", "label": "Extension", "required": true }, "modulePath": { "allowQuery": true, "brief": "Module path to locate extension", "dataType": "string", "description": "Module path. A system appropriate suffix will be added (\".so\" for Linux and \".dll\" for Windows).", "label": "Module Path", "required": true }, "providesObjects": { "brief": "List of object paths provided by this extension", "dataType": "list", "dataTypeParameter": "string", "description": "Each entry is the path of an afw adaptor object supplied by this extension. This extension will be loaded by function afw_runtime_get_object() if needed.", "label": "Provides Objects" }, "registers": { "brief": "List of entries this extension registers", "dataType": "list", "dataTypeParameter": "string", "description": "Each entry is a string of the form \"<registry type>/<registry key>\", where <registry type> is a valid registry type id and <registry key> is a registry key that is registered at runtime by the associated command, extension, server, etc. If this manifest is for an extension, the extension will be automatically loaded when afw_environment_registry_get() is called for a <registry type>/<registry key> combo that is not already registered. See afw/afw_environment.h for more information.", "label": "Registers" } }

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