Adaptive Framework 0.9.0


The following is a list of properties for the object type _AdaptiveQueryCriteria_:

collectionURIs[ "/afw/_AdaptiveCollection_/core" ]
descriptionThis is the object type for the queryCriteria parameter of retrieve object functions.
propertyTypes{ "filter": { "allowQuery": true, "brief": "Filter", "dataType": "object", "dataTypeParameter": "_AdaptiveQueryCriteriaFilter_", "description": "This filters the objects that will be returned. If not specified, all objects will be returned.", "label": "Filter" }, "select": { "brief": "Properties to include", "dataType": "list", "dataTypeParameter": "string", "description": "This is a list of the names of properties to include in result. If not specified, all properties are returned.", "label": "Include Properties" }, "sort": { "brief": "Sort order", "dataType": "list", "dataTypeParameter": "string", "description": "This is a list of then names of properties used to sort the returned objects in highest to lowest order. Optionally, the property name can be prefixed with a minus sign ('-') to indicate descending order. FIXME '-' is probably not a good idea.", "label": "Sort Order" }, "urlEncodedRQLString": { "brief": "URL Encoded RQL String", "dataType": "string", "description": "This is a URL encoded RQL string. This parameter is mutually exclusive with all other properties.", "label": "URL RQL String" } }

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