Adaptive Framework 0.9.0


The following is a list of properties for the object type _AdaptiveActions_:

collectionURIs[ "/afw/_AdaptiveCollection_/core" ]
otherProperties{ "description": "This is a default function parameter." }
propertyTypes{ "actions": { "brief": "List of actions to perform", "dataType": "list", "dataTypeParameter": "object _AdaptiveAction_", "description": "This is a list of actions to perform. Either the actions or function property must be specified.", "required": false }, "function": { "brief": "Function name to call, if no actions", "dataType": "string", "description": "This is a qualified or unqualified function name. If the \"actions\" property is not specified, this is the single function to call. If actions is specified, this is the default function name.", "required": false }, "_flags_": { "brief": "List of flags to set", "dataType": "list", "dataTypeParameter": "string", "description": "This is a list of flagId of flags to set in the execution context (xctx) while the function is being executed. If the \"actions\" property is specified, this is the default \"_flags_\" property for actions. Each flagId must be the objectId of an object in /afw/_AdaptiveFlag_/ and must be a flag that the requester is allowed to set.", "label": "Flags", "required": false } }

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