Adaptive Framework 0.9.0


The following is a list of properties for the object type _AdaptiveService_:

collectionURIs[ "/afw/_AdaptiveCollection_/core" ]
descriptionAn adaptive service.
propertyTypes{ "annotation": { "dataType": "object", "dataTypeParameter": "_AdaptiveAnnotation_", "description": "Annotation object", "label": "Annotation" }, "canRestart": { "allowQuery": true, "dataType": "boolean", "description": "Can attempt to restart this service.", "label": "Can Restart" }, "canStart": { "allowQuery": true, "dataType": "boolean", "description": "Can attempt to start this service.", "label": "Can Start" }, "canStop": { "allowQuery": true, "dataType": "boolean", "description": "Can attempt to stop this service.", "label": "Can Stop" }, "confId": { "allowQuery": true, "dataType": "string", "description": "The \"id\" part of serviceId. This is the value of appropriate conf id property based on the conf type.", "label": "Conf Id" }, "confPropertyObjectType": { "allowQuery": true, "dataType": "string", "description": "Object type for \"conf\" property object.", "label": "Conf Property Object Type" }, "confSubtype": { "allowQuery": true, "dataType": "string", "description": "This is the value of appropriate conf subtype property based on the conf type.", "label": "Conf Subtype" }, "sourceLocation": { "allowQuery": true, "dataType": "string", "description": "Related to where service was defined.", "label": "Source Location" }, "serviceId": { "allowQuery": true, "dataType": "string", "description": "Service id.", "label": "Service" }, "serviceType": { "allowQuery": true, "dataType": "string", "description": "The \"type\" part of serviceId.", "label": "Service Type" }, "startTime": { "allowQuery": true, "dataType": "dateTime", "description": "Start time.", "label": "Start Time" }, "startup": { "allowQuery": true, "dataType": "string", "defaultValue": "manual", "description": "Service startup condition.", "label": "Startup" }, "startupDescription": { "allowQuery": true, "dataType": "string", "description": "Service startup condition description.", "label": "Startup Description" }, "status": { "allowQuery": true, "dataType": "string", "description": "Service status.", "label": "Status" }, "statusDebug": { "allowQuery": true, "dataType": "string", "dataTypeParameter": "text/plain", "description": "This is statusMessage with additional debug information.", "label": "Status Debug" }, "statusDescription": { "allowQuery": true, "dataType": "string", "description": "Service status description.", "label": "Status Description" }, "statusMessage": { "allowQuery": true, "dataType": "string", "description": "Optional message associated with status. In the case of status=error, this is the error message.", "label": "Status Message" }, "uriRelated": { "allowQuery": true, "dataType": "anyURI", "description": "URI of related object.", "label": "URI Related" }, "uriServiceConf": { "allowQuery": true, "dataType": "anyURI", "description": "URI of service conf object.", "label": "URI Service Conf" } }

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